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    Find out how to build a culture that will deliver the expected returns of 10X

    How important is Productivity for Investors?

    What does productivity mean to you? 

    How productive were you this week? This month? This year?


    How many deals did you close? How many companies did you screen? How many startups did you talk to?


    Are your daily routine and work habits productive enough? Do they bring you where you want to be?


    Can you do better?


    Investors' role is critical for building and empowering the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
    But most investors I talked to agree that they don’t have enough time to review all the incoming companies and that often leads to missing out on great deals. 
    Information overload keeps increasing, digital communication creates too many distractions, and all this informational noise around makes it harder to focus. 
    Investors share that too much time is wasted on daily meetings, not enough time for in-depth analysis and prepared decision making - and that often leads to mistakes and affects long-term investment results.
    Human error mistakes become more and more costly, now that we are competing with big data and AI algorithms. 
    Not getting back to great founders in time also has a price...  On the other side lack of investors' presence on Twitter and other platforms,  affects their reputation and credibility among the startups, and that in the end affects the quality of your deal flow.
    With the recession coming, investors believe, the competition to invest in the best companies will become even fiercer.
    While many investors keep applying their familiar routines and habits from year to year - that won’t help them get better results, especially with the world spinning faster each day. 
    The volume of information and communication is growing exponentially - and it will only get worse. Without the right management system in place and the right productivity habits - that one factor only can kill your productivity. 
    Investors need to be prepared to operate efficiently in a technology-dominated world.

    Plus you are expected to keep up with all the high-performing founders.


    It is so important for an investor to be familiar with new tools and applications for productivity, project, and time management that come out every day.


    Now imagine this: each new generation of investors joining the pool every year will be faster, more tech-savvy, and more agile than you...


    So you have to keep up, to stay tuned: what are the effective tools everybody is using, and what are the new apps you can start using to optimize your work.


    Are you ready for what is coming?


    Winning and succeeding in the Web3 world can be more challenging, and you want to stay on top of your game and be ahead of the competition.


    So is Productivity important for an Investor?


    You know what they say about unproductive founders, that soon the problem of the founder becomes the problem of the company.

    Can that also be applied to investors? But investors can't afford to be a problem - they are expected to be a solution!


    So let’s get together and let’s get equipped with the latest knowledge and new practices to increase your personal and work productivity - to help you navigate and close more great deals faster and build a better world!


    There is no time to waste! It's time to upgrade your skills to take on the challenges ahead!


    What is the Value?

    I've worked with most Silicon Valley VCs and investors for years and I learned a lot about the costly productivity mistakes that VCs make.
    This Bootcamp program was developed specifically for investors based on the specifics of your profession: typical tasks and challenges. 
    This webinar will give you insights into the latest scientific studies on how our brain works and what are the best ways to stay focused, be more productive and get better results.  So you can use this information to get to the next level in your profession.
    You will learn new project and time management tools to improve your daily productivity.
    You will get an expert review of productivity habits that can hold investors back and sabotage their results.


    You will get your personal assessment of your productivity patterns.
    You will be able to connect with your colleagues and learn from their experiences.


    • Latest research findings from psychology and neuroscience on productivity
    • Top productivity mistakes most investors do, and how to avoid them.
    • Productivity assessment survey: get your individual results on 8 key factors of performance and productivity
    • Personal productivity apps review
    • Productivity tips from fellow investors (peer to peer exchange)
    • Productivity methods and techniques that work great for all investors
    •  Remote Team Management tools review 
    • + Bonus exercise: Mindfulness and Meditation practice: how to keep staying focused.

    Who should attend?

    All types of Investors are welcome: Angels, VCs, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Family Offices, and individual investors from around the world.
    We have only 30 spots for this Bootcamp (in order to provide maximum value for participants and keep it interactive)
  • Meet your Instructor: Tatiana Indina, Ph.D.

    - International business consultant and leadership coach (15+ years of experience advising Fortune 500 executives, startups, entrepreneurs, and governmental leaders in Europe, Asia, USA);

    - Fulbright Scholar (Wilson Center, Washington DC);

    - Harvard University (Berkman Center) Scholar;

    - Ph.D. in Psychology (self-regulation and decision making)
    - International awards in psychological science research and technology policy research;

    - Speaker at global business forums, including Davos World Economic Forum, the Ditchley Foundation, United Nations, and others;

    - 15+ years of expertise in global and international markets (consulting global leaders, facilitating cross-border partnerships);

    - Silicon Valley entrepreneur (Mission2Mars Academy, Indina-Consulting CEO & Founder);

    - Author, "CEO 2.0 - Innovative Leadership Training".

  • What you will get:


    Latest scientific findings on performance & productivity


    Practical productivity techniques that can radically improve your results


    Personal productivity assessment tools



    with fellow investors (peer-to-peer learning)


    Positive and fun atmosphere to kick start your week


    12 pm EDT. Globally via Zoom
    Special $150 price is only available TODAY
    (Compare to $500 for individual coaching)
    We only have 30 spots for all investors at this Bootcamp.
    Don't wait - this event fills out soon!

    Don't miss this unique chance

     to bring your work productivity to the next level! 




    By attending this Bootcamp you are also supporting Ukraine 

    As we donate 20% of this event sales to Nova Ukraine foundation.



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