• Remote Team Training for High Growth Companies


    With Tatiana Indina

  • About Tatiana Indina

    - International business consultant and leadership coach (15+ years of experience advising Fortune 500 executives, startups, entrepreneurs, and governmental leaders in Europe, Asia, USA);

    - Fulbright Scholar (Wilson Center, Washington DC);

    - Harvard University (Berkman Center) Scholar;

    - Ph.D. in Psychology (self-regulation and decision-making)
    - International awards in psychological science research and technology policy research;

    - Speaker at global business forums, including Davos World Economic Forum, the Ditchley Foundation, United Nations, and others;

    - 15+ years of expertise in global and international markets (consulting global leaders, facilitating cross-border partnerships);

    - Silicon Valley entrepreneur (Mission2Mars Academy, Indina-Consulting CEO & Founder);

    - Author, "CEO 2.0 - Innovative Leadership Training".


    My 15 min featured talk about problems that companies have while rapidly growing their team

  • About this course:


    In the era of disruptive innovation large, established companies are feeling the pressure to discover new ways to grow and innovate.


    Smaller companies are known to be quick and agile when bringing new ideas to market, whereas larger companies often struggle to do this.


    The Corporate Entrepreneur helps you take an idea and develop it, evaluate it, communicate it, and find the tools to execute on it to create a new business venture inside existing organization.


    What you will learn:



    • Discover know-hows of building new business ventures within already established corporations;
    • Learn best practices of corporate entrepreneurship from top innovative companies;
    • Understand specific challenges of launching new business ventures;
    • Be familiar with the various tools, methods, approaches, and architectures of corporate entrepreneurship;
    • Boost your ability to be entrepreneurial inside the large company: develop the language, skills, behaviors of mastering corporate entrepreneurship.
    • Lead how to become an intrapreneur and able to quickly advance an idea inside your organization, and how to overcome common obstacles;
    • Generate real value for your business,  with concrete business outcomes.
  • Course Highlights:

    Explore how to generate great business ideas and bring them to successful launch

    Discover your internal entrepreneur

    Learn key elements of successful ideation, incubation and acceleration

    Learn new leadership skills to build your entrepreneurial team.

  • Course Structure:

    Learn how to build your remote team and become a great team leader

    Module 1.


    • Trends and impact of remote work on businesses
    • Remote teamwork and remote team management basics
    • Remote team management toolkit and tactics
    • How to manage remote teams right

    Module 2.


    • Remote management tools 
    • Remote work toolkit: video conferences, chats, emails, project management systems, online platforms
    • Remote team management processes: metrics and measurement, control and reporting, deadlines and deliverables, knowledge management systems

    • Best practices of working across different time zones.

    • Running an effective team meeting

    Module 3.


    • What makes a virtual team effective

    • How to build a strong remote team culture

    • Virtual team engagement and communication

    • Remote team building techniques for team leaders

    • Building a strong virtual team culture (principles and practical tips)

    • Productivity tips for remote workers

    Module 4.


    • Prototyping & Design Thinking
    • A/B testing

      Identifying target audience

      Customer insight and solution hypothesis

    • Creating an action plan for in-market experiences

    • Identifying entry strategy

    • Know how to fail smart

    • Pivot & win

    • Preparing for launch
    • How to launch new business and merge successfully with your organization
  • What is Included?  

    This course is designed in an online format - in order to make it available for all global leaders and comfortably fit their schedule. Your course will consists of 16 hours of group webinars that are scheduled in the period of 2 weeks, you will also get 2 one-on-one consulting sessions and access to all course materials


    6 Online Webinars

    (2 hour each)

    Online Webinars with your group, scheduled in the convenient time for all participants' timezones


    2 Individual consulting sessions

    You can use these hours of consulting sessions to either discuss your business strategy or get a personal coaching

    sessions instead.


    Corporate Innovation Surveys

    We'll conduct your company's diagnostics and provide recommendations based on your results


    Course materials and videos

    You will receive access to all course materials , presentations and recordings of online webinars if you are not able to attend them.


    Personal Account to support your education

    You will get an assigned manager that will be available to answer your questions and support your participation throughout the program

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    Feature 3

    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.
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    Book This Program For Your Team

    Pricing starts from 2K for 2 hour online training. The final cost will depend on the number of people in your team and number of training sessions. Can be conducted on-site.

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